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Title: !! Server + Site Rules !!
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Please Register
Must be Registered to see all the forums and to post!

Server rules:

These rules are to be followed on all our servers and forums, Please read the rules on any other site we may mention or have redirects to, as there's may be different!

No Grefing (( This includes but not limited to... destroying random stuff, or other people's stuff ) Kick-able/ban-able )

No Trolling! ( Kick-able/Ban-able )

Swearing is allowed but not used as a insult or derogatory term ( Excessive swearing is a gray area and may be kicked or temp ban. )

No racism or any derogatory terms will NOT be permitted
There are a few words in the Gray area like Newbie that can be used rudely and players will be kicked/Banned if used in this way!

Only one account per person (Only trolls need more then one)

Although we as gamers often enjoy the banter and troling of our most valued friends and family, it is often missunderstood during online gameplay. For this reason we strongly request that you limit these activities to comms only please.

More to be posted soon!

Teamspeak 3 Server Ip:

Server info soon to be added next 4 lines are placeholders
Server Last Updated:

Forum Specific Rules + Info:

Global mod/s are  - "Zuper Mom"

Basic moderators are needed !
These members would be members active in certain Forums(to be mods in those forums) and show some common sense and maturity.


More to come i am sure.

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White List

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Post by: Roji on December 17, 2013, 01:36:39 AM
One way into this list is to contact me and setup a low recurring donation as low as $2.50 USD a month to help us to stay online longer and show others there's more then just Roji trying to keep DHO Online. (( Also comes with atleast One free photo desktop background for personal use, photo's taken by Roji, With a Canon 6D 20.2MP Full-Frame Sensor DSLR. ) Choice out of a few photos and more Choice to come. Will be in .jpg format but other options available Except Raw, CR2 and other info like format .)
will also be entered into a Sponsor group for all to see on these forums.

We are Non-Profit, Everything donated to us will go back into the community. ( Server costs, Forums Costs, site Costs, Upgrades when needed. )

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