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Koe Main Chat / First plays :)
« Last post by Roji on July 28, 2015, 08:53:09 PM »
YAY got to try out the first and 2nd build camera movements !! vary kool works vary well with 360 controller :) no spoilers yet as per request :P but once i can i will be showing off what i can :)
Koe's Fan Club / KS Update #26
« Last post by Roji on July 18, 2015, 07:19:14 PM »
Let's talk monsters

Hey guys!
I know we've left this a little late considering we're starting to tie things up, but I thought I'd address this before we get closer to final release. A lot of people sent me messages with their concerns about the monsters of Koe only being animals or generic monsters, a design choice we made because we thought it'd be better if we taught animal names in battle as opposed to generic JRPG monsters. However, this does detract from the "RPG" feel of the game, so we're deciding to add some Japanese folklore monsters, most of which are adaptations of Youkai. A few have been mentioned to us on the forums, and our highest tier backers have some amazing ideas that we should start development on this month, but we'd like your input on this too. We'll create some polls on the forums again (there will also be an update) asking you what kind of monsters you'd like to see. The highest tier backer monsters so far, without giving too much away are a wolf samurai, black dragon, and snow king.

Content update

We're happy to say that the fantasy style (chibi) characters are now completed! While we still have a way to go making the animations, we are starting to integrate them into the current battle and world systems.

These are the final fantasy world characters we'll be showing for now, prototyping-tier backers will see some characters from the second batch in one of the sessions, but these will be untextured for now.

We have Jess Hyland to thank for her amazing speed and quality for these characters, also thanks to her modular workflow we've been able to add the wardrobe switches for the female character, you'll see these in customization options in the game.

Secondly, we've improved the quality of the school outer area (again) using more licensed assets. This will be a free-roam and story area despite what I had said before about scenes not being traversable, we're changing a few things in the prototyping build (and obviously final game) to make every scene free-roam so you can easy visit places you've been to again, even if you have no use for them in the story.

You may also notice our animations for these characters don't look so terrible anymore. I decided to create a few crude idle/walk/runs for the sake of testing while I was animating the monsters, though they will get properly polished in the final game. We've also extended the residence area to add a better feel of the ruralness of Japan, and the outer areas have been replaced with fields.

New event system

We've now changed the way events are handled in the game, before the game would load everything and delete what wasn't needed depending on what part you were in the game. We've now created an event based scene system which doesn't have anything in the scene to begin with, then loads everything as it is needed. This makes loading times a lot faster, and a lot easier for us to create and add events without cluttering everything up in the scene at the same time.

Without giving away too many spoilers, this first area loads the pens and boarding cards for when you first enter Japan only.

As I'm still not happy with the current state of the new battle layout because we only just received the new models and are integrating them, I'll leave you with one of the UI changes we've made to the revamp before the big reveal.

Prototyping (£100) tier backers and above

If you are a backer of this tier or above, I have created a hidden subforum where the builds will be distributed. I can only add people manually to the subforum, so please contact me through Kickstarter with your e-mail address and username you used to sign up to the official strawberry games forum Here and I'll unhide the subforum for you.

We are adding the finishing touches to the first prototyping build (movement and camera) which should be available sometime in the next few days. We were planning on releasing this yesterday (17th) but had a few animation and tracking issues once we had swapped to the new set of models. Feel free to send me your requests to prototyping subforum now regardless.

Finally, we'd also like to draw your attention to which may very well be Koe's first fan site created by our very own Roji Kage.

That's all for now! Let's hope we have some awesome new designs for monsters to show you in the next update.

The Strawberry Games Team.
Koe's Fan Club / KS Update #25
« Last post by Roji on July 18, 2015, 07:07:53 PM »
Hey guys!

We mentioned last month that we ran in to a few issues with contractors and have been doing our best to rectify them. I'm going to give the run down of how we're approaching these issues, the current state of progress and where we're going to go from here.


Let's start with the current state of progress with what I believe is most relevant- the characters! Koe's characters are split in to 2 different styles- the original battle and fantasy chibi style (which now has a bit more polish) and the "real world" style. We have different people working on each set of characters. The rigs and meshes for the real world are being made by Deco Digital's Kieron White and being textured by our very own Dan Tsukasa for the sake of speed. The chibi-style battle and fantasy world characters are being designed, modelled, rigged and textured by Jess Hyland.

We'll start off with the progress for the real world characters which are currently in their animation and texture stages, though some of them still have undeveloped proportions. We've decided to stick with the "alternative" (jeans and t-shirt) for the female main character as this was what the community said they wanted on the forum. The red dress will be available as either free DLC or as a wardrobe switch available in the final game.

While the fantasy and battle "chibi" characters are currently being modelled and textured, with rigging and animation following shortly after. Here is the non-spoiler progress of these characters.

Progress is coming along pretty quickly with these characters and we hope to be finished with them by the end of July. I'll discuss the timeline of progress after giving the rest of this content update.

Rural world

The highest priority for this month was the residential area for the main player. It's a rural Japanese location next to a few fields and a farm. We're only setting up a few scenes here because the larger chunk of traversal will be around the school and shrine areas. In any case, here is the progress for the residential area.

The second part we've been working on is the school area, where we decided to license assets instead of making everything from scratch.

Note that we have removed the story elements and characters from the above screenshots to show the environments themselves. The game will not be this bare.

Monsters and battle system

I mentioned previously that the battle system had been revamped with a new UI and word selection, along with hiragana/katakana lookup directly within battle. However, I don't believe this is in a polished enough state to show. Instead, I will leave the mechanics and story progress for next time.

We also have a few new monsters to show you.

 And it wouldn't be an RPG without these little guys showing up in every cave you visit.

Japanese folklore style monsters will be part of the next batch as per the requests. You may post in this thread with your questions and suggestions for the next batch of monsters.

Re-re-revamp Timeline

Yes, this is the 3rd time we're changing the "release" timeline. Though still provisional, this is the one we hope to stick with. I know a lot of these should have been available much too long ago and we can only apologize for the delay. We're working as fast as we can to make playable content available as soon as possible.

    17th July - Prototyping deadline 1st batch. (camera, movement, style)
    22nd August - Prototyping deadline 2nd batch, closed non-story Alpha.
    5th September - Story Alpha deadline.
    10th September - Tokyo Game Show asset deadline.
    1st October - Beta deadline.
    1st December - Official release.

That's it for this time! It might be a bit to take in and not the progress we wish we had at this point (we should have released by now!). We welcome your comments and suggestions.

Until next month,

The Strawberry Games team.
Koe Main Chat / Re: Multiplayer ?
« Last post by Roji on May 07, 2015, 09:41:21 PM »
i have got a little info but i will not post it untill prototyping is out :P
Koe's Fan Club / KS Update #23
« Last post by Roji on April 17, 2015, 01:23:35 PM »
This day last year.

Hey guys!

It's been exactly one year since you guys made this a project a reality. We just want to let you know how grateful we are for the opportunity you created for us, and we hope for continued support during development of Koe. Thank you so much!

March update

This month has been the busiest so far, we're getting ready to start the prototyping sessions with all tier 9+ backers. There's a lot to show and a lot to potentially break during this period, but we can't wait to get your feedback on the mechanics of Koe. We suggest that all prototyping backers make sure they have an account over at as we will be distributing and collecting information using our own secure server.

Airport revamp (WARNING: SPOILERS)

Mio has been busy revamping the city airport, take a look at her progress.

Well, it won't be Japan without vending machines right? These are basically mini shops you'll be able to find all over the place to get yourself something satisfying.

Wind city

Over on the fantasy side, we have the first shot of the wind city to show you.

More on this city as it develops.

Monsters and avatars

We are happy to be able to show the first glimpse of batch 1 of the monsters by 3D artist Michael Hui.

The prototyping sessions will also include battle testing. However, due to the fact that the full teaching system isn't present unless you play through the entire game up to that point, all words will be written in English and Japanese. You may turn off English if you wish during this testing period. Please do note that an English option will not be available in the final game, it's Japanese only! This will be included in one of the later prototyping sessions.

That's all for now! Thank you for an amazing year and here's to the one that'll follow.

The Strawberry Games Team
Koe's Fan Club / KS Update #22
« Last post by Roji on April 17, 2015, 01:18:12 PM »
Fleur, Flora and Flowers

Hey guys! We recently shared this image teasing the revelation of another story character

And we can now reveal the first of the two princesses of Koe, Fleur!

Her sister, Flora, will be "missing" during the beginning of Koe, you'll later run in a series of predicaments that will reveal her whereabouts along with another part of a world.

Earth city

Last time we introduced you to the water city of Koe, as well as a sneak peek into what we were working on for the Earth city. We've made a few "structural" improvements, and Dan has been busy designing new houses along with a lot more layout development.

If it isn't already obvious enough, these are in-progress updates and do not reflect the final artwork of Koe.

Flora's library

Hey there's her name again. We thought we haven't shown enough "in-game" renders of environment, so here's a few in-progress pictures of the midworld between the real world and Koe running directly from the latest QA and debug builds.

Character models and art

Character models are currently still in progress, with the base meshes currently completed and waiting for texturing. We'll hopefully be able to show these in the next update, along with the animations and improvements to the battle system and UI. We're aiming to create a "revamp" trailer so you guys can see a lot more of the gameplay very soon.

That's all for now, see you all in March!

Jitesh, Sayuki, Dan, Elizabeth, Rena & Mio
Koe's Fan Club / KS Update #21
« Last post by Roji on April 17, 2015, 01:14:09 PM »

Hey guys!

First and foremost we'd like to wish everybody a happy new year! We hope you've had a wonderful 2014 and we hope you'll have a better year to follow. We very much appreciate the amount of feedback and support you've given us last year, Koe wouldn't be what it is right now without you.

Secondly, we're happy to announce that we have another environment artist on board, Mio, who is a specialist in creating foliage and nature-heavy 3D environments. While Mio doesn't have a portfolio, I'm sure you'll see what she is capable of in this and all forthcoming updates.

Our new (redesigned) development schedule

Last time I mentioned that I was contemplating pushing back the release date for content. The feedback on this was surprisingly largely positive, but there were some concerns on how much more time would it take, what would be the new milestones, but most importantly "when will I be able to play something?"

As such, I have decided on this (provisional) release schedule for 2015, excuse my incorrect use of bullet points

    Early Q2: Prototyping begins, starting with UI & navigation prototyping, followed by camera & movement control in-world.
    Mid Q2: Prototyping continues, introducing world events, some finalized 3D art feedback.
    Late Q2/Early Q3: Battle system & dungeon prototyping. Starting to ease in beta backers, early audio tests.
    Mid Q3: Main beta phase, all beta backers will have been added. Most environments (minus the "extra" places) will have been completed.
    Late Q3: Added ALL backers to the beta, playing is obviously optional, just note that the final game will have some changes to the beta.
    Early/Mid Q4: Koe officially released on PC & PS Vita.

Ideally, I'd have liked to add as many people as possible to each prototyping/beta program, but keeping track of everything will be much more difficult and somewhat hectic for me without easing in backers to each milestone. Remember that this is only the provisional timeline I have in mind, I'm open to (and encourage) all feedback and suggestions.

Platform support & the "new" Nintendo 3DS

I'm still getting quite a few messages relating to other platforms for Koe, I am hoping to release on Wii U sometime after the release date on PC. I couldn't yet give you a release date because I don't yet know how much work it entails. A possible PS4 and Xbox One release will come afterwards.

With Nintendo unveiling their "new" Nintendo 3DS in the EU/NA came some new questions. While I do believe that Koe will run on the device with a few tweaks and no dynamic lighting, the biggest issue we have is that our game engine, Unity, does not (yet) support the 3DS.


Some of you have made good use of the forum, talking with your fellow backers about Koe and have, together, come up with some amazing suggestions! (here's looking at you Roji Kage, Zergling_man, Thorben Bernsen & nagatopain17) so please keep them coming.

I noticed that a lot of you have similar interests to me (and, in that case, with each other) so I decided to add an off-topic subforum to talk about, well, whatever you like! I hope you'll make use of it and get to know your fellow backers.

Please note that the Strawberry Games forum is still locked to Kickstarter backers only as I have not the time to moderate if it were open.


With this month's update, we are moving away from the "traditional" Japanese locations and I am happy to show you the water city in Koe!

Dan has spent quite a while giving this environment the post-medieval and "watery" feel to it while Mio is prettying it up with her nature and foliage skills. Expect seeing more on this as this city develops.

Dan has now also started working on the largest city in Koe, here is some layout planning as a small teaser of what is to come.

 And finally, our characters are now on their rigging phase and getting ready for animation.

 Expect an update on animation cycles for the characters with the next update!

Jitesh, Sayuki, Dan, Elizabeth, Rena & Mio
Koe's Fan Club / KS Update #16
« Last post by Roji on April 17, 2015, 01:09:00 PM »
Vote for the main character!

Hey guys!

I've mentioned a few times that the current art assets in the Kickstarter video were placeholder and that it will be going through a revamp. While the environment is taking shape we haven't yet showed you our ideas for the characters you will be taking control of in Koe.

Before we start talking about the characters Rena wants to introduce the word "kanpu" which is essentially the phase concept art goes through an opinion gathering phase. There's a possibility that the chosen character's design will change during this phase. This is currently where we are with the characters, but we want your opinions on them before we go ahead with putting them in the world of Koe.

So, without further adieu, here are the choices for the male and female characters in Koe.

Out of these, only one boy and one girl will be the character choices you find in Koe, and we want to know which character you want to play as!

From now on, we'd love it if you directed your comments to so both the Kickstarter and PayPal backers get a chance to comment on the updates. You will need to use the email you are using for Kickstarter or e-mail updates if you are a PayPal backer to sign up, view the forum, and vote.

You have 5 days to vote until the winners are selected.

That's all for now, we'll have another update shortly to let you know which kanpu has won!

Jitesh, Sayuki, Dan, Elizabeth & Rena
Koe's Fan Club / KS Update #15
« Last post by Roji on April 17, 2015, 01:06:12 PM »
for those that notice the update number jump this is due to some being only shown to KS Backers to the project

 Platforms, art and story

Hey guys!

Firstly, I'm super excited to confirm that we have acquired the Nintendo Wii U development licence! While we aren't currently focusing development on the Wii U due to the amount of time it would take, we will be looking in to having the prototyping and above backers have some input on the Wii U version of the game late next year.

Secondly, I'm happy to announce that Rena Saiya, professional 2D manga artist and teacher will be joining the team as character designer for the revamp. You can take a look at Rena's portfolio here.

Finally, and probably the most important is that Koe's story is well in to development now. For the next update, I will be letting all backers vote on what the city name in Koe is going to be. While there may be a chance that I will also be releasing the script, I have noted the concerns of some backers about spoilers and possible changes, which I will address soon. If you have any concerns about the story, please contact me either through Kickstarter or through the Strawberry Games website.

I also want to bring your interest to We Made A Game by Deco Digital, a documentary about the development of video games by indie studios, which goes in to detail about every step of the development process, risks and challenges studios take, along with personal risks indie teams take when creating games, and will share a lot of similarities to the development process of Koe.

As always, thank you for your support.

Jitesh, Sayuki, Dan, Elizabeth & Rena
Koe's Fan Club / KS Update #12
« Last post by Roji on April 17, 2015, 12:58:15 PM »
That's a wrap!

That's the end of the Kickstarter folks! No doubt you'll all have a whole bunch of questions for us so get yourselves over to and let's talk! We have a whole bunch of things that we want to update on so we'll post a formal update about it in a short while but for now go here!

Thank you everyone! We can't wait to see you play the game you made possible!

Jitesh, Sayuki & Dan.
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