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KS Update #1
« on: April 03, 2014, 08:34:32 PM »
Feb 28 2014
みんなさんありがとう!Thank you everyone!

Wow! I understand how cliché it is to start of a sentence like this but I honestly can't believe this is happening. It's been less that 48 hours and we've already passed 60% of the goal, it's crazy to think an idea that I had to help me study Japanese is getting this much exposure. Sorry for the wall of text, this is an update on the implementation of Koe.

This update is for a feature that a lot of Japanese learners who have passed the beginner stage were interested in, as well as a few people who wanted words that are well.. um.. not suitable for children. It's a system for players to add their own moves and words to the game, as well as create animations for that move for players on the Windows, Mac OSX and Linux platforms. It'll be available post-game and will have its own editor, where you'll be able to pick the damage stats for the move, what effects it has and you'll also be able to import and export moves to share between your friends! We needed to find a way to make this not game-breaking, which is why it'll be available post-game but we'll add some post-game baddies that you can try your moves on. This is not a stretch goal, this is happening regardless!

There's so much more we want to do with Koe if we successfully get funded, and we are so very grateful for your support. Please keep your feedback coming, this game is for you and we want it to be the best experience we can possibly make.

Thank you to all our backers, supporters and friends, let's make an amazing language learning RPG!


Jitesh, Sayuki & Dan
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