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KS Update #6
« on: April 03, 2014, 09:02:16 PM »
Mar 16 2014
We've hit the first stretch goal!

We can't believe it, but we've hit the £50,000 stretch goal! I'm just going to clear up what this means because this stretch goal wasn't specifically for Vita support only.

What this means is that we can at least attempt to add handwriting and voice recognition for all platforms we end up releasing on. We can also revamp the UI to a much more intuitive one (I'll update on this soon) and well, it means that pending Sony's approval, we can release Koe for Playstation Vita! (and hopefully the rest of the Sony family of consoles at the same time)

Thank you so so much to everyone who is making this game possible! We're already making progress by developing the idea, story and world and we couldn't do this without your help, we are so very grateful and we can't wait to see you guys play Koe! For now, let's get Akiba in the game!

Jitesh, Sayuki & Dan

Project spotlight - Kodama

Kodama is a beautiful 2D hand-painted puzzle-platformer set in the Genroku era (元禄) of Japan, where you take control of a tree spirit to save his forest home. This game also has one of the wonderful artists on our team, Dan Tsukasa, as a designer. Go check it out!

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