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KS Update #8
« on: April 17, 2015, 12:45:35 PM »
We've hit the second stretch goal! This means that we'll add Akihabara, as well as some vocab specific to this area in to Koe!

What will I be able to do in Akiba?

In the world of Koe, Akiba is a little different to the way it normally is. It's still flashy and has a ton of references to Anime/Manga/Movies but is also full of monsters! These monsters will be based off people and culture you would find in Akiba if you were to go there today. As always, you'll have to fight them with the vocab you've already picked up, as well as some new vocab you'll pick up there.

Here's some photography we're basing the area on, taken by our artist, Dan Tsukasa.

Some new stretch goals!

So we threw around some ideas, and we have a few ideas of where Koe should go in terms of content if we want to teach as much as possible while still being interesting for you, our players.

£70,000 - An increase to the world map size which allows us to add a new dungeon and city which will also be useful post-game. We will also add two new restaurants to the game, an Izakaya (Japanese-style pub) and a Sushi Bar. A lot of socializing in Japan takes place in restaurants, so we hope these will allow us to add more vocab specific to these areas, as well as introduce you to new words for various food.

£85,000 - A new "super-boss" which is something we've been very interested in adding for people who are really looking to use as many words as possible in a battle. This will be similar to the "secret" bosses found in Final Fantasy and will be based on a Japanese god of your choice. This also allows us to create a place where we can really bring out the culture and religion of Japan, something Dan has been interested in for a long time. We'll also add one more thing with this stretch goal, which is an onsen (a hot spring) within the main story, which again will serve as a place where you can just relax and pick up some new vocab.

£100,000 - At this goal, we'll focus on adding some more vocab-building areas for those who are interested in the city lifestyle of Japan. Particularly, we'll add a shopping district and train stop in Harajuku! This area will have new vocab related to shopping and travel, as well as a maid cafe that happens to teach you a few formalities.

We have 5 days left so if you want to help us get to the stretch goals then please keep tweeting and sharing the Kickstarter page to everyone you know, whether they be your family or a celebrity you follow on twitter.

Thank you to everyone who will make this game possible, we can't wait to start our long development journey with you!

Jitesh, Sayuki & Dan.
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