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KS Update #21
« on: April 17, 2015, 01:14:09 PM »

Hey guys!

First and foremost we'd like to wish everybody a happy new year! We hope you've had a wonderful 2014 and we hope you'll have a better year to follow. We very much appreciate the amount of feedback and support you've given us last year, Koe wouldn't be what it is right now without you.

Secondly, we're happy to announce that we have another environment artist on board, Mio, who is a specialist in creating foliage and nature-heavy 3D environments. While Mio doesn't have a portfolio, I'm sure you'll see what she is capable of in this and all forthcoming updates.

Our new (redesigned) development schedule

Last time I mentioned that I was contemplating pushing back the release date for content. The feedback on this was surprisingly largely positive, but there were some concerns on how much more time would it take, what would be the new milestones, but most importantly "when will I be able to play something?"

As such, I have decided on this (provisional) release schedule for 2015, excuse my incorrect use of bullet points

    Early Q2: Prototyping begins, starting with UI & navigation prototyping, followed by camera & movement control in-world.
    Mid Q2: Prototyping continues, introducing world events, some finalized 3D art feedback.
    Late Q2/Early Q3: Battle system & dungeon prototyping. Starting to ease in beta backers, early audio tests.
    Mid Q3: Main beta phase, all beta backers will have been added. Most environments (minus the "extra" places) will have been completed.
    Late Q3: Added ALL backers to the beta, playing is obviously optional, just note that the final game will have some changes to the beta.
    Early/Mid Q4: Koe officially released on PC & PS Vita.

Ideally, I'd have liked to add as many people as possible to each prototyping/beta program, but keeping track of everything will be much more difficult and somewhat hectic for me without easing in backers to each milestone. Remember that this is only the provisional timeline I have in mind, I'm open to (and encourage) all feedback and suggestions.

Platform support & the "new" Nintendo 3DS

I'm still getting quite a few messages relating to other platforms for Koe, I am hoping to release on Wii U sometime after the release date on PC. I couldn't yet give you a release date because I don't yet know how much work it entails. A possible PS4 and Xbox One release will come afterwards.

With Nintendo unveiling their "new" Nintendo 3DS in the EU/NA came some new questions. While I do believe that Koe will run on the device with a few tweaks and no dynamic lighting, the biggest issue we have is that our game engine, Unity, does not (yet) support the 3DS.


Some of you have made good use of the forum, talking with your fellow backers about Koe and have, together, come up with some amazing suggestions! (here's looking at you Roji Kage, Zergling_man, Thorben Bernsen & nagatopain17) so please keep them coming.

I noticed that a lot of you have similar interests to me (and, in that case, with each other) so I decided to add an off-topic subforum to talk about, well, whatever you like! I hope you'll make use of it and get to know your fellow backers.

Please note that the Strawberry Games forum is still locked to Kickstarter backers only as I have not the time to moderate if it were open.


With this month's update, we are moving away from the "traditional" Japanese locations and I am happy to show you the water city in Koe!

Dan has spent quite a while giving this environment the post-medieval and "watery" feel to it while Mio is prettying it up with her nature and foliage skills. Expect seeing more on this as this city develops.

Dan has now also started working on the largest city in Koe, here is some layout planning as a small teaser of what is to come.

 And finally, our characters are now on their rigging phase and getting ready for animation.

 Expect an update on animation cycles for the characters with the next update!

Jitesh, Sayuki, Dan, Elizabeth, Rena & Mio
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