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KS Update #23
« on: April 17, 2015, 01:23:35 PM »
This day last year.

Hey guys!

It's been exactly one year since you guys made this a project a reality. We just want to let you know how grateful we are for the opportunity you created for us, and we hope for continued support during development of Koe. Thank you so much!

March update

This month has been the busiest so far, we're getting ready to start the prototyping sessions with all tier 9+ backers. There's a lot to show and a lot to potentially break during this period, but we can't wait to get your feedback on the mechanics of Koe. We suggest that all prototyping backers make sure they have an account over at as we will be distributing and collecting information using our own secure server.

Airport revamp (WARNING: SPOILERS)

Mio has been busy revamping the city airport, take a look at her progress.

Well, it won't be Japan without vending machines right? These are basically mini shops you'll be able to find all over the place to get yourself something satisfying.

Wind city

Over on the fantasy side, we have the first shot of the wind city to show you.

More on this city as it develops.

Monsters and avatars

We are happy to be able to show the first glimpse of batch 1 of the monsters by 3D artist Michael Hui.

The prototyping sessions will also include battle testing. However, due to the fact that the full teaching system isn't present unless you play through the entire game up to that point, all words will be written in English and Japanese. You may turn off English if you wish during this testing period. Please do note that an English option will not be available in the final game, it's Japanese only! This will be included in one of the later prototyping sessions.

That's all for now! Thank you for an amazing year and here's to the one that'll follow.

The Strawberry Games Team
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